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Friday, 15 August 2014

happy birthday Janet

Evening all - Finally I have something I can share ...well I did share all those brusho things on FB lol

It was my youngest daughter's birthday this week and the eldest daughter and her bubby are currently out there in La Linea visiting so I took the opportunity to send a decent sized card lol.


I had the gelli print from my last successful session and I thought this would be perfect.  When my daughter lived here she had this banksy  sticker on her car so when I saw it for sale as a stamp  from the Bee crafty range of inspired by Banksy I just had to get it  added happy birthday from the word chains although on this picture it looks like the Bi in Birthday are not there -- but they are in real life lol.

Anyhow I have had a message to say she loves it so thats all that matters

Friday, 1 August 2014


AUGUST  really? already?

 Oh my word where is this year going?  I cannot believe its time for a new challenge on the Claritystamp Challenge blog.  

Last month was anything goes and wow did we have some fabulous entries again.  You guys are just amazing it is always so hard to pick just 5 for the top 5 - all I can say is I am glad we don't have to single out just one and its left to the random picker!!  
Is this the month you are going to give it a go? £50 voucher for the winner - what's to lose?

This months theme is feminine.

Now for some time I have been trying to get prints off my gelli plate but have struggled to get what I want - but patience is a virtue and practice practice practice practice and FINALLY I got some prints that were what I wanted YAY

So I just had to use one for this months challenge.


I used the abstract squares stencil  for this print and I used buff titanium, a blue, there is also a hint of some pink  and black acrylics.

I used the gingko stencil from last months new design stencil club and denim and black ink to add background around the print.  I have quite a lot of the miniature stamps and decided to use velvet lady, kasha and a shoe as they fit nicely in the boxes and I coloured these in with spectrum noir pencils.  the other two little stamps I have had for years - some of you may remember that many moons ago Barbara always had a box of little unmounted stamps whenever she attended a show and both of these were the results of rummaging lol however they can be found in the atc section the floral urn is here  I can't find the miniature version of the Lotus but here's a link to the full size one

I coloured some sweet lilac flowers - so easy with the Claritystamp brushes - with denim and raspberry.  I gave the same treatment to some white lace and cut a flourish from a die.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Workshop 2nd August

 Morning all,  I have had a lovely few days as my daughter has been home on a visit from Gibraltar, sadly I got up at 4am this morning to take them back to the airport so now I must get  my head back into gear and get organised.  This is the card we will be attempting on Saturday at Craftrange 10.30-12.30

This card was inspired by a card done my Laura Williams which you can view here

Booking is through the shop  and useful items to bring if you have them

raspberry and denim adirondak or any pink and blue die based ink pads
black archival 
ink brushes and a paint brush.
and a stencil of our choice for the background - don't worry if you haven't a stencil - cos I got loads lol 

If we have time we will also make the tag.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

grumpy's card

Morning all, as some of you know I have been struggling lately and have had to use a certain bucket a lot lately.  I have put a picture of the said bucket at the bottom of this post but if you are easily offended don't look Ethel - it was posted on my timeline by a friend one day when I had thrown everything I tried to make in the bin, personally I think it's funny.

It's our anniversary tomorrow and I have been trying to make a card for grumpy.

It all started when I bought a craft mag and one of the free stamps was this sentiment - oh that will do nicely for grumpy a card - I had been struggling with a theme - cos you know he doesn't have any interests except sport lol.  Anyway I made him a gelli print card in February and he really liked it so I thought well I will just use a print and the sentiment, sunshine stencil and Bob's your uncle (or in my case husband).


So I had many attempts and spoilt lots of lovely backgrounds trying to get the sunshine on  and following a conversation with Sam Crowe I had another go last night and finally cracked it.

I made a lovely background , took a heart from the hearts and leaves stencil and used it in the middle of the sunshine stencil.

I now had a nice print but the sunshine was white and where the heart was - a bit blotchy.  ADD INK!

doh why didn't I think of it before - so I added some lettuce followed by some denim, went around the heart to define it with a speccy pencil added Happy Anniversary from the Happy word set.  and mounted it .  That'll do but it looked a bit lost on the card so I took the ginko stencil - cos that's a  bit sun ray- ish too same green and blue - job done

Here is the bucket..................................>

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Someone Special

Morning all  now don't faint but I am here with another card !

I was asked for a birthday card for a chap with a white terrier and not being a big animal lover myself I have no dog stamps!


No idea what to do so I found a nice piccie of a chap walking his terrier in a dark moody setting  so I dragged it into Serif and sort of sized it so that the man would be central in the abstract squares stencil   I chopped up the pic so I have the sun in another square.  I added some text on another it of the picture and then cut this to fit another square.

Using the stencil I inked through with lake mist, butterscotch, slate and a touch of black to match the colours of the original pic. - In real life it looks quite good.  I did a bit of stamping hither and thither, using post it notes to protect around the shapes a few gems and a small wood heart I coloured in with a sn pen

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

anything goes

Oh Wow can you believe it's July already? Have you had your holidays yet or are you still looking forward to them?

 So have you had a look at all the fantastic entries we had for the Claritystamp Challenge 16 last month?  Masculine - we are all agreed men cards are a pain right?  but I will tell you what you lot are up for a challenge and you met it more than admirably - fantastic entries from everyone.

This month's theme is anything goes - easy peasy right? but no I really struggled to come up with an idea this month - I am blaming the weather  but my mojo seems to have gone awol and where I normally have loads of ideas of things I want to do my mind is currently a blank which is not good.  

Anyway I had to make a card for my crafty Sister in Law whose birthday was on Sunday so I have killed two birds with one stone and come up with this! 
I also wanted to used the abstract squares stencil (new addition - these stencils are even more addictive than the stamps - I have loads and still got a long wish list that is ever growing!


I wanted to layer up some of the squares so I made two backgrounds using red pepper, butterscotch and pesto, they are not exactly the same but as my mother used to say - a man on a galloping horse will never notice lol

I stamped the design onto one of the backgrounds using geranium archival.

 I looked at the squares and decided which ones to cut up to layer up from the second background.  I also wanted the stamping to match - could I find my acetate - could I heck as like - I could find some strong stuff but that was too expensive to just chuck in the bin after - so I raided the kitchen drawer and used some greaseproof paper - at least I could see through it!

I stuck down the greaseproof over the top of my image so that it wouldn't move and then with a tiny bit of tape gun on the back of my squares I lay them in place - now I could match up the stamp underneath without spoiling my original!


I then removed all the masking and attached in place with foam pads and stamped Happy Birthday.  I felt it just needed a few flowers - so I got some sweet lilac flowers that were white and inked them up with red pepper and my stencil brushes.

So that's it, Margaret loved it.  I am looking forward to seeing what everyone gets up to this month - Oh my word with the theme of anything goes - anything could happen lol. So come on give it a go  I love seeing what you all produce

Friday, 27 June 2014

Block card

Hello Strangers

I apologise profusely to all of you whose blogs I normally visit but I do not know where the time has gone just lately and life just keeps getting in the way of crafting. 
Like today for instance I get up ...late cos I overslept grrr because I need to do the dreaded food shop then grumpy says can we go for a drive somewhere, stop for a butty and then we can call at the supermarket on the way home?  OK says I (thinking here I am building up brownie points as I will be out all day tomorrow at the lovely Claritystamp Northwest with our lovely Maria Simms and loads of crafty friends).
So off we toddle and eventually get home around 1.30, unpack the shopping make a cuppa and I sit down with my lappy to check bank statements etc etc.  Oh hells bells I don't tally!!!!  so I then spend yonks trawling through my transactions and I finally get sorted.  Grumpy likes a printed statement - he doesn't do computers lol so I prints him one off and sign out, Go to get the print out - bliddy printer didn't take the paper straight away so top of of page missing ..So I signs back into bank to do it again.
In the middle of all this a crafty friend popped in with a very nice card to show me so now the afternoon is nearly over and I still haven't done anything!

So I give up am obviously not going to get any crafting done this afternoon and I promised several people on facebook that I would blog instructions for this here card I made.

I am ever hopeful that next week things will return to normal  lol

Here goes I just cobble a quick jobby together just to give you the general gist.
You can use either A3 or A4

for A3 score across the landscape view at 5cm intervals all the way along, this leaves a small strip at one end for A4 score at 3.5 cm intervals.  at portrait score the same measurement bur you only need to score 3 lines

now I included a little pocket in the back spine of mine - somewhere to write a message and sentiment if you want to do this you need to leave the end section - if not cut off at the bottome score line.  cut out the hashed area in the top have and also along the solid lines.

I trimmed a bit of the pocket so that it doesn't go right to the top when folded over and I left some bits at the sides with which to stick!

Thats it you now just stick the back to the front and the flaps in the middle that overlap to form the shape

Folds flat for posting now all you need are 15 squares to decorate the sides and steps, a longer piece for the spine and a little insert if you want to use the pocket.

Hope this helps - shout if you need help .