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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

celebrate your day

Morning all - I got another for you today - what's going on 2 cards in 2 days - might have to go and have a lie down lol

So it has also been my other brother in law's birthday and this is the card I made for him.

I used the brick stencil from Claritystamp again - it's brill for men cards  I then added the splodgy rings from the journalling set - also from Clarity the words from the Clarity word chains - the Day is made from the Diary word and then I added the beer mug - it was a freebie on a mag yonks ago .

Monday, 14 April 2014

Happy birthday Eric

Morning all what a lovely day, the sun is actually shining what a nice change.

Today I have actually got something I can share.. its my Brother in Law's birthday later this month so here is his card..they are not on the internet so I am safe lol

Its an 8 x 8 made into a gate fold I  used the brick and the clickwork stencils and some of the journalling stamps tomake the background  I stamped the man to the left I stamped the car on another piece of card and coloured with greens  letterbox kit for his name and some if the word chains for the sentiment.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Grumpy's 65 & NEWS

Morning all - I have been a very bad blogger lately - the truth is more that I have been busy making stuff that I cannot share. 


If you don't do facebook - you may not know but a few weeks ago I trotted off to Darlington for the weekend on a training session with Crafters Companion and I can now reveal that I am now an accredited demonstrator for them and I will update you when I get my first demo to do .  I was given a one for 15th May but the shop then cancelled so I am still in limbo.

 Anyway I just come to visit my blog to update the craftrange tab with my next workshop and realised I uploaded this picture of hubby's birthday card and then never blogged it.

I have to say a massive thank you to Jane Telford for lending me the sport stamp.

OH doesn't do much but does love watching footy on the telly - hence the theme - he doesn't particularly support any team - just watches it all - British , Spanish Italian .....need I go on lol

I also have a little football stamp I got free on a magazine once.  I used the hexagon shapes from the Clarity letter shapes to house his name and age - I thought it reflected the shapes in the football .

Anyway that's all - I am off to update my other page.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Spring has finally sprung - don't you think?  The leaves are starting to sprout on the trees and there are lots of lovely daffodils everywhere it sure makes a girl feel much brighter.
You might want to brew up as this has ended up being a long post for me !!

We have had a fantastic response again from you guys for our Flower challenge, so many fantastic entries - wow and some lucky person is going to win  so come on get your thinking caps on and join in this month!

It's the first of the month again - how quickly they come around and it has been a busy old month with lots going on culminating in a fabulous day out at the Port Sunlight Happy Stampers show . the Clarity stand was as busy as every and oh I just had to buy all sorts lot - MORE stencils - I am as addicted to these as I am to the stamps lol I was a very good girl though and I have saved some pennies because our Barbara will be on the telly next week so there will be more new stamps out and my guess says there will be some more word chains...oh I need a house just for my crafty collection lol - I have to try and be really organised as i haven't got a dedicated craft room that I can shut the door on and hide my stuff!
On the subject of organisation I do use the dining room table to craft on (we don't use it every day now there is only me and grumpy at home) but tables unlike desks do not come with drawers so my stuff is all in a little tool bag with handles but its not big enough for some stuff and my brushes would get spoilt so when I went to a show in February the lovely MDF man was there and I bought this "thing"  I think it might supposed to be for remote controls but I thought it would be ace for some of my stuff so I have decided to combine the decoration with this month's them of monochrome.

Here is the result but I have done a pictorial tutorial of how it all came about.

I started by giving it a couple of coats of black gesso inside and out  and left it to dry thoroughly

I cut sheets of paper to fit all four sides - 

I forgot to take a pick but I then stamped all of them with the crackle stamp and slate grey before adding the trellis stencil and swooshing through with more slate - all very subtle like - look at the state of this stencil  I tried to clean off all the acrylic paint from my gelli sessions but got fed up and I thought - that'll do.

Now I wanted to create some decoration  so I used this really lovely corner stamp to form a border top and bottom
 and the diamonds from the letterbox frame set to create another pattern around the middle 

It took me ages  - it would have been far quicker just to use patterned paper  but I think this is much nicer and here it is full of stuff - my brushes are missing cause they have been having a wash lol because I bought another set on Saturday so now I have eight and I can keep one brush for each colour family - yay

Oh and my hand made by stamp just lives on the front  - do you like the flutterby - it's a pencil it was a pressie from a friend lol.

Monday, 24 March 2014

wedding card

Testing testing 123

Oh my life what a palaver it is to get blogger to work!

I shall start at the beginning.. it was grumpy's 65th birthday on Saturday so I took him off to a lovely place we sometimes go to on the shores of Loch Lomand, we didn't do much as he is not too good at the moment but we had a ground floor apartment the door on the left and looks out at this fantastic view -- you can walk down to the waters edge ..

anyway oh yes so as I had a little time yesterday I thought it was time I visited blogland, leave a few comments and maybe find a card I haven't blogged but I couldn't get blogger to let me upload a photo and the only way I could get rid of it off the screen was to close down my lap top.  Now I had been having fun and games with it as I wanted to watch a bit of telly on it whilst he was watching the bloody football on the big tv  well it was his treat after all.. Thankfully I did manage to watch the totty that is Dartagnion on my tablet so all was not lost! but then this morning as we were getting ready to leave I dropped the bag with my laptop in  on the floor!  It seems to be ok though phew.
So as I was saying blogger wouldn't let me attach photos from my computer - I normally take them with my tablet these days then stick them in drop box but no joy its not having it so I thought will it work if I ask from the phone - not that my pictures are on the phone you understand ..but was I surprised when the files turned out to be the ones on my tablet !  Oh why didn't I know this before could've saved loads of time

So here is a card I made a bit back but haven't blogged.  

Just a digi image I had on my computer - no idea where its from, coloured with pro markers the wedding theme is cadbury's purple - I know this cos I did the invites and my daughter is maid of honour! I used the flower border and corner stamp from a Claritystamp set of little miniatures the round wedding day stamp is from either lily of the valley or little claire and a metal embelly from my stash .

Saturday, 1 March 2014

flower power

Good Morning all I can't believe we are at the beginning of the month and a new challenge for you to take part in - Flower Power.I still cannot get my head around the fact that we have been doing this blog for a year - where did that go then?

We had some great entries again last month and such a lot too- the standard is outstanding and some of you come up with the most amazing ideas.  So come on have a go there is £50 worth of vouchers for the winner who is picked at random so everyone has an equal chance of winning - and remember you gotta be in it to win it!

Any way here's my inspirational idea for this months theme.

Now I have to be honest here - I did these some time ago and I have lost the scrap of paper where I scribble down what I did  but I do know that I did the backgrounds on the gelli plate 
I think the one on the right started off as blue on the plate and then I took some off using crumpled paper, took a print, then repeated the process with some brown.  I cleaned off the plate and using a some blue, white and silver in random patches, added the stencil and pulled a print.

The one on the right was pulled with what was left on the plate from the first one and forms the base behind the tag of the first and the background for the second tag.  I got some of the tall thin flowers and the verse n the recent members sale and stamped over the top with coffee archival on the left and embossing with silver on the right.  I stamped the snow drop out again on paper and coloured with pencils, cut out and overlayed on the tag and on the right I coloured with pencils directly on to the tag

Monday, 24 February 2014

flying by pop up box

Morning all I have been asked to blog this pop box card I made by a couple of friends so here it is - a bit belated but my blogger fell out with me and I got so fed up and trying to make it play I decided to leave it alone to sulk for a few days - but I think it must have got over whatever was upsetting it cos it seems to be playing to day - long may it continue.
Anyway here's my instructions - now I can't take the credit as I was given a link to a youtube video but this is my version of things - they used a piece of scrapbook so I adapted it to suit myself!

Before I get into the workings I should say that all the stamps are from Clarity and you will see further down that every surface has been covered - a proper labour of love but I did enjoy making it .

I started with an a3 piece of card and used 10cm measurements but you could use a4 or scrapbook and use 7cm measurements ... basically you need to score 4 sides and leave a bit for a flap - hence the A3 4 x 10 leaves 2 cm for a flap to stick.

lay it landscape and score at 10, 20, 30 and 40
turn 90 degrees and score along the first three sections at 10 cm. LEAVE THE SECTION NEXT TO THE FLAP UNSCORED so that it forms the back of the project that doesn't fold over

Cut across at 20 cm and then discard the top bit of the flap, and cut down the score lines at 10, 20 and 30

 the section that you cut off is now used to form the sections inside so cut on the solid lines and discard the scribble out bits.

fold on the score lines and stick as shown

Butt one piece up to the front and one piece up to the back

These sections are used to stick your bits on.

Decorate all sides and be careful about the sticky out bits as you want it to fold flat - hence no bottom to it

Hope you can follow what I have done - give it a go I had great fun .

by the way I made all the panels at 9cm square and the mats and 9.5cm square.